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Ketamine Infusion therapy

Standard medications often take weeks before they begin to work. Ketamine, unbelievably, starts working within hours.
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Ketamine infusion therapy

Ketamine infusion therapy is showing millions of Americans just like you there is a more effective and faster way to manage and heal treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and PTSD.  We are one of only a handful of clinics in Jacksonville, Florida offering ketamine infusions. The Practice is committed to helping you get the best possible chance at treating your depression, reducing your anxiety, dealing with PTSD, or overcoming suicidal ideation.

We understand how difficult it is to live with anxiety, depression, or PTSD, and that’s why we have built our clinic to help those with mental health issues. We believe that our ketamine infusion therapy in Jacksonville, FL can help those suffering. It’s our mission to help, and this is our way of making it happen. Don’t wait for your symptoms to worsen. Let us help you push through these difficult times. You can call us today to learn more about our ketamine treatment cost in Jacksonville, FL, or you can visit our clinic. We hope you make the decision to seek out help from us.

What our clients say

Ketamine Infusion Therapy Video Reviews


September 27, 2023
"I don't have this emptiness anymore...and that's really what it did for me."
"I don't have this emptiness anymore...and that's really what it did for me."


September 19, 2023
"I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to not live with depression."
"I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to not live with depression."
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What does ketamine treat?

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Millions of people around the world suffer from depression. Depression is a highly subjective experience, is difficult to identify and even more difficult to effectively treat when each patient’s experiences are so unique.

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Did you know nearly 7 million people in the U.S. suffer from anxiety-related disorders? While you definitely aren’t alone in your fears and stress, it doesn't make reducing your anxiety any simpler when you don't know where to start.

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While many people believe post traumatic stress disorder is reserved for soldiers in combat, it is actually quite common and has the potential to be an extremely debilitating disorder affecting men & women of all ages and backgrounds.

Suicidal Ideation

Low doses of ketamine can stop a suicidal crisis in its tracks. Ketamine is one of the only drugs studied and proven to treat suicidal ideation, often providing relief after the first treatment!


Method of Action

A recent study conducted on mice found that ketamine, an anesthetic drug, has both immediate and sustained effects on neurons in the brain. The researchers observed that ketamine helped restore electrical activity and rebuild physical connections between neurons that were lost during chronic stress, a condition that models depression in rodents.
The study also showed that ketamine relieved depressive symptoms within three hours and caused spines on dendrites to reappear after 24 hours. These findings suggest that synapse formation is required for maintaining ketamine's effects. The researchers plan to explore ways to enhance the survival of these synapses in future studies.
the science

What research tells us

Single, Repeated, and Maintenance Ketamine Infusions for Treatment-Resistant Depression: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Objective: Subanesthetic ketamine doses have been shown to have rapid yet transient antidepressant effects in patients with treatment-resistant depression, which may be prolonged by repeated administration. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the antidepressant effects of a single ketamine infusion, a series of repeated ketamine infusions, and prolongation of response with maintenance infusions.

"Rapid and Longer-Term Antidepressant Effects of Repeated Ketamine Infusions in Treatment-Resistant Major Depression"
Ketamine is reported to have rapid antidepressant effects, however there is limited understanding of the time-course of ketamine effects beyond a single infusion. A previous report including 10 participants with treatment-resistant major depression (TRD) found that six ketamine infusions resulted in a sustained antidepressant effect...

"Efficacy, Safety, and Durability of Repeated Ketamine Infusions for Comorbid Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Treatment-Resistant Depression"
The present study examined the efficacy, safety, and durability of repeated ketamine infusions for the treatment of co-morbid post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and treatment-resistant depression (TRD) in a sample of veterans.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine infusions + psychotherapy

Moderate doses of ketamine can be used to aid your therapy or counseling sessions thanks to its ability to soften your psychological defenses for a short period. It often acts to "unlock" your mind and emotions giving you more flexibility and openness to truly reflect on your life, your mental health, and your vision for the future, you might be able to achieve greater psychotherapeutic results and progress.


Purchase infusions in a package and save
This protocol, front-loaded with six appointments, may be cumbersome for some but it offers the highest success rates.

Ketamine Infusion - Single Session
Pricing starts at $449 for one 60-90 minute ketamine infusion treatment. We suggest purchasing our "Starter Pak," which includes the initial consultation/psychiatric evaluation and 6 intravenous infusion treatments for the reduced rate of $375/treatment.

Ketamine Infusion Starter Pak
When purchased as a package, the rate is reduced to roughly $375 per treatment. We have partnered with CareCredit to offer our clients financing as well.

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy sessions
Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy sessions cost $549 per session. This price includes all of the medications delivered during the session; monitored by a NP or RN certified to perform intravenous ketamine infusions; delivery of the medication(s), continuous monitoring of  treatment, and the time you will spend with him/her as they guide you through therapy.

Keeping our clients symptom-free does require booster infusions. Boosters are recommended at intervals of 4-6 weeks following completion of your first six infusions. Lozenges/nasal spray may be prescribed for at home use which increase the longevity of your infusions, stretching out the time between infusions to 2 months or more.

The Protocol: 2+2+1+1

The protocol for ketamine infusion therapy for depression involves a series of infusions administered over the course of several weeks.

  • Week 1: 2 Infusions
  • Week 2: 2 Infusions
  • Week 3: 1 Infusions
  • Week 4: 1 Infusions

While front-loading the infusions in this way does raise the cost, studies have shown that following this protocol increases the likelihood of remission, and the duration of the anti-dressive effects of the ketamine.


After completing the six induction infusions as per the protocol, we provide you with a prescription for ketamine lozenges. These lozenges can be used to lengthen the time between future infusions. The purpose of this is to maintain the therapeutic effect of ketamine treatment while reducing the need for frequent infusions. The prescription will include instructions on how to use the lozenges, including the dosage and frequency. It is important to follow these instructions carefully, communicate with your provider about any concerns or questions you may have.

the cost

Plans for Everyone

Simple, transparent pricing.

Single Infusion

Single infusion, no expiration date.
$449 / infusion
Psychiatric evaluation for new clients
Brief physical exam
Vital signs monitoring
IV lines, infusion pump
Existing Clients
New Clients
*Full payment due at time of booking

Platinum 10

Best Deal
10 infusions to be used for induction or maintenance, no expiration date.
$319 / infusion*
Psychiatric evaluation for new clients
Brief physical exam
Vital signs monitoring
IV lines, infusion pump
Ketamine louzenges for maintenance therapy
Schedule Now
*Full payment due at time of booking

Silver 6

Most Popular
6 infusions to be used for induction or maintenance, no expiration date.
$399 / infusion*
Psychiatric evaluation for new clients
Brief physical exam
Vital signs monitoring
IV lines, infusion pump
Ketamine louzenges for maintenance therapy
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*Full payment due at time of booking
You've got questions

Ketamine FAQs

What are ketamine infusions and how do they work?

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Ketamine infusions are a medical treatment that involves the administration of ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic, through an intravenous (IV) line. The exact mechanism of how ketamine works to treat depression and other mental health conditions is not fully understood, but it is believed to affect the glutamate system in the brain, leading to increased neural plasticity and the formation of new neural connections.

What are the benefits of ketamine infusions and who can benefit from them?

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Ketamine infusions have been shown to be effective in treating treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They may also be effective in reducing suicidal ideation and chronic pain. However, ketamine infusions are not a first-line treatment option and are typically reserved for those who have not responded to other treatments.

What are the potential side effects of ketamine infusions?

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The most common side effects of ketamine infusions include nausea, dizziness, and dissociation. Some people may also experience changes in blood pressure and heart rate, which can be monitored during the infusion.

How much is ketamine infusion therapy?

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$339 per infusion when purchased in a pack of 10, cost of all 10 infusions is due at the time of scheduling, additional payment plans available. $449 per session, when purchasing a single session.

How does ketamine infusion therapy work?

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Unlike traditional antidepressants which work neurotransmitters like serotonin, ketamine works to increase the production of glutamate. Low levels of glutamate have been shown to cause depression. With increased levels of glutamate the brain is able to grow new synaptic connections and repair damaged ones.

How to the results compare to traditional antidepressants?

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70-80% of patients will respond to ketamine infusions with one study showing a remarkable 82% response. Traditional medications have a 30-40% response rate.

What can ketamine infusions treat?

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Depression, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Chronic pain, Anxiety disorders, Bipolar disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Suicidal ideation

How often will I have to have maintenance infusions?

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After induction phase (initial six infusions) some people then drop to once a month for a few months. Many others are able to use the ketamine lozenges we prescribe to stretch that one month in three or more months! Still others come in when they sense they need to, could be once a year, or every six months, it varies for everyone.

What is the difference between ketamine infusions and other forms of ketamine treatment, such as nasal spray or oral medication?

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Ketamine infusions provide a controlled and monitored dose of ketamine which can be customized for your exact weight and tolerance. The nasal spray comes in just two strengths whether your a 130 lbs. college student, or a 260 lbs. NFL player. Due to most of active ingredient being broken down in the gut, orals don't have the kick required initially to deal with the depression, which is why we use them for maintenance only, they work well to extend the intervals between future infusions.